EUDG1540100SW -RC Riley Cement
EUDG1540100SW-RC - Diego Swivel in Riley Cement Front Silo
EUDG1540100SW - Riley Cement WLAB
EUDG1541100SW-RCF Riley Coffee
EUDG1541100SW -RCF - Diego Swivel in Riley Coffee Front Silo
EUDG1541100SW - Riley Coffee WLAB
EUDG1542100SW-RP Riley Petwer
EUDG1542100SW-RP - Diego Swivel in Riley Petwer Front Silo
EUDG1542100SW - Riley Petwer WLAB
EUDG1543100SW-RCH Riley Chocolate
EUDG1543100SW-RCH - Diego Swivel in Riley Chocolate Front Silo
EUDG1543100SW - Riley Chocolate WLAB

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EUDG1540000SW Collection

SKU# EUDG1540000SW

EUDG1540000SW – Swivel Accent Chair

Available in 4 Color Options 

RILEY CEMENT  color code (40100 RC)

RILEY COFFEE color code (41100 RCF)

RILEY PEWTER color code (42100 RP)

RILEY CHOCOLATE color code (43100 RCH)

100% Polyester


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Item Price Width Height Depth
EUDG1540000SW - SWIVEL CHAIR 349.00 30 32 30



Channel Back & Flared Arms

Pine Hardwood and Furniture Grade Plywood Frame

S-Spring Seat Construction with Quality Polyester Fiber Foam Cushion Core

22″ Swivel Base