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FLE1868 Collection

SKU# FLE1868

POWER Motion Sofa & Loveseat with Console

Available in 2 Color Options

RITZ GREY color (1362/H) 100% LEATHER w/Match

RITZ DARK BROWN color (1363/H) 100% LEATHER w/Match




The frame is constructed from kiln-dried, grade 1, close-grain hardwood and hardwood plywood.

Construction utilizes extra large corner blocks and an insulated wood inner frame for added rigidity and durability.

The entire frame is cocooned in polyurethane foam padding to ensure no hard edges come in contact with the leather upholstery, plushness, and long-lasting comfort.

Environment-friendly, CRC-free polyurethane foam with a minimum density of 2.2

Infinite directional, commercial furniture-grade webbing is used in seats and backs. This suspension system is the same system used in the airline and aerospace industry and ensures the individual support of every seat, evenly distributed weight, increased comfort, and durability.

High-quality cowhide leather is used in the upholstery of our furniture.



Item Price Width Height Depth
FLE1868-317 - POWER RECL SOFA 78.5 42 41
FLE-1868-328 - POWER RECL LOVESEAT 68.5 42 41